We are Akuret. We work with retailers to boost sales and reduce waste by acknowledging that inventory data is incorrect.

Akuret was founded in 2019 by former Massachusetts Institute of Technology colleagues Fredrik Eng Larsson and Daniel Steeneck.


In their research on supply chain analytics, the two had met with retailers and manufacturers asking for advice on how to best use the data they collected to generate value in their supply chains.

What they had both found, however, was that the data recorded by the companies was severely flawd. Inventory records did not match real inventory levels. Availability statistics heavily under-estimated stockouts. And SKU-level forecasts were biased.

To handle the inaccurate inventory data they developed an AI technology that could take the flawd data and turn it into data to be used for decision tools. This proved to be a success.

With the objective to reduce waste from decisions made using poor data, they decided to bring the technology to market and created Akuret. Since then, the team has expanded to include retail specialists with intimate knowledge of the problems facing today's retail industry.

Our Team
Fredrik Eng Larsson, Sweden Office

fredrik [at] akuret.se | Phone: +46 705 546207

Daniel Steeneck, U.S. Office

daniel [at] akuretanalytics.com

Jesper Stenmark, Sweden Office

jesper [at] akuret.se

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