Glossary of terms for Akuret Alert email

In the Akuret Alert Emails, the following can appear as "Suggested Action":


Inspect shelf -- likely ouf of stock. The product is not selling, has low inventory on record, and has had large write-offs historically. The product likely has no sellable units left on the shelf. Even if there are a few units left, this would be a good time to perform a full count and adjust the inventory level in the system.

Inspect shelf -- inventory record might be inaccurate (too high). The product is not selling and has low inventory on the record, but does not have very high write-offs historically. The inventory is likely to be replenished soon, so this is a good time to do a full count to ensure the best possible information is used internally and displayed to customers online.

Locate product -- likely in store but not selling. The product has much inventory on the record but is not selling. This is typically due to the product being in backroom storage and not on the shelf. The product might also be hidden from customers, misplaced in the store or in other ways difficult for customers to locate. Products with wrong or missing price tags may also fall into this category. Make sure to inspect the shelf, replenish if necessary and perform a count if reasonable.

Negative inventory record. The product has a negative inventory balance on the record. Since inventory on the shelf can never be negative, the inventory should be adjusted (likely to zero). Quickly fixing the discrepancy makes it easier to assess the root cause of the problem -- a negative inventory record is always a symptom of a bigger problem.

Review checklist. This Action is suggested for e-commerce customers only, and refers to their marketing checklist. Please contact the system owner for details about the checklist.