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Cervera selects Akuret to enhance its e-commerce sales execution

Interior design and kitchen ware retailer Cervera, with a strong presence in Sweden and Norway, has selected Akuret to help them further optimize their online sales process. Over the last year, Cervera has established itself as market leader with exceptional growth in its online channel, having branded itself as an ‘e-commerce retailer with physical stores’. “We have had tremendous growth in our online sales over last two years”, says Nic Staeger, Head of E-commerce. “Key to this is to be agile and quickly adjust price, display, advertising etc depending on market conditions and product availability. With Akuret’s solution we become much faster in identifying products that are not selling at their potential and need adjustment. We are very impressed by the results Akuret have shown during the pilot. The team at Akuret has a unique knowledge within this field! We are eager to get Akuret’s system implemented and increase our online sales even more.” Akuret started the cooperation with Cervera during spring of 2021. They are now rolling out the Akuret Alert system for the entire online sales channel at Cervera, so that Cervera get actionable alerts as soon as products are not selling as expected. “Cervera is very interesting company. It is our first customer where we focus purely on the e-commerce sales channel. We are very excited about this, because it opens up a whole new segment for us”, says Akuret CEO Fredrik Eng Larsson. “Nic and the e-commerce team at Cervera are super dedicate and are really pushing the boundaries for how an omnichannel retailer can and should work with optimizing their online sales process.” To learn more about how Akuret can help e-commerce retailers, contact


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