Measure actual availability for all products and stores

While many inventory control systems aim for and report 98-99% availability, in reality, availability is often only 90-92%. Our unique availability dashboard, based on a state-of-the-art AI technology, allows retailers to measure actual availability on store-SKU level, as well as to analyze the substitution patterns that occur when products are not available. This allows for evaluation of service and lost sales across stores, categories, and suppliers, to find areas for improvement.

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Keep track of the actual inventory of any product in any store or warehouse and display correct information to consumers


Research has shown that retail inventory records are, across the industry, correct less than 50% of the time. These incorrect records are used not only by the inventory control system to determine when to place orders, they are also used to display availability status to consumers in e-commerce applications. To avoid unhappy customers, many retailers use a threshold under which the availability status of the item is displayed as "uncertain" or "low". However, such messages reduce sales and should be avoided when items are available. With our inventory tracker, certainty about inventory level increases and the threshold can be lowered or even eliminated, boosting sales in both online and "click-and-pick" channels.

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Ensure that the best possible data is used for demand forecasting

With incorrect inventory data, where a majority of stockouts are missing, forecasts become biased. Our demand estimator ensures that the best possible availability data is used for all demand forecasts. Our track record shows accuracy improvements of 30%, reducing waste and improving availability.

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Monitor product availability on daily basis

Approximately 80% of all stockouts or Out-Of-Stocks (OOS) are never registered. This may lead to situations where shelves are not replenished by automated systems. Our cutting edge OOS detector ensures that products that are out of stock are quickly investigated, ensuring timely replenishment to improve availability and increasing sales.

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