The Akuret Availability Platform uses state-of-the art AI to help you achieve and maintain accurate inventory data and high on-shelf availability. The following modules can be used together or separately as part of the platform.


Make sure all stores fix availability problems before they become costly.


With Akuret Alerts, stores receive alerts when discrepancies are detected and when products are about to run out of stock (independently of what the ERP-system states). This allows for proactive maintenance of the inventory data and fast restocking of shelves, improving product availability at minimum cost.


Track on-shelf availability for all products in all stores in the retail network.


Investigate discrepancies between the data recorded by the ERP-system and the actual inventory levels. Analyze store performance, supplier accuracy, inspection results and compliance, and probe the data for root-causes for the record inaccuracies. All in our intuitive dashboard interface.


Present accurate and up-to-date product availability information to customers in all online channels. 


Improve customer experience by making sure the products customers choose to “click-and-collect” are available in the store. The Akuret Online module finds products that are not available, resets their inventory level, and alerts the store. 


Maximize on-shelf availability while minimizing time spent on manual inspection.


Combine all inspections and audits (whether initiated by finance, supply chain, or marketing) into one platform to avoid double work and minimize effort. Advanced predictive analytics and state-of-the-art optimization ensures the right product is inspected at the right time, leading to more effective and more efficient inspections. With the auto audit add-on, the AI Engine can replace manual inspections for a large share of the assortment.