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Accurate Data. Improved Availability. Boosted Sales.
Retail inventory records are correct less than 50% of the time. Despite this, they are used to trigger automated replenishments, to evaluate performance, and to display in-store availability to consumers. We work with retailers to make them data-driven when data is inaccurate. The end result: improved availability, boosted sales.

We provide cutting-edge analytics and optimization technology to help retailers and FMCG manufacturers measure, monitor and improve product availability.


We are an international team, with offices in the United States and Sweden.


"Akuret provided exactly the kind of information we need to (1) generate better demand forecasts, (2) understand where in our retail network the worst phantom inventory problems exist, and (3) improve our validation via auditing...we are excited to move forward this innovation to improve our business!"

Head of Supply Chain Development

FMCG Manufacturer, United States

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