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Your AI-powered in-store execution assistant

Akuret Alerts is an in-store execution support service to help stores increase sales by quickly detecting and fixing on-shelf-availability issues and other issues holding back sales.

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Move from gut-feeling to AI-powered execution

Retailers are estimated to lose around 8% of potential sales because of misplaced, expired or unavailable products, most of which their systems are not aware of. 

Store managers and associates know their stores well. But expecting that they quickly find all sales issues is asking a lot: products that are misplaced or are expired may not be noticeable when quickly browsing the isle. Zero-sales lists from the BI-system often

contain thousands of items. And when the lists are used, and associates find important issues, where are those issues reported?


This is where we come in. We provide one smooth digital process for finding, fixing and reporting on-shelf-availability issues and other issues holding back sales in the store. It is the power of AI in the hands of every associate.


Finding and fixing on-shelf availability issues has never been easier


Get AI-powered help identifying sales issues and receive accurate action suggestions straight to your handheld device

Fix & Report

Fix the problem and report it in the app in the handheld device

Root Cause

Use the feedback data to find and solve the underlying root-causes to the sales issues

Akuret is used in hundreds of stores because we deliver results!


Alert accuracy


More sales


Fewer negative reviews


Getting started with Akuret is simple.

Your sales data is uploaded to Akuret using a simple integration. This can be done on a daily basis or at your frequency of choice. We can have you up and running in a few days!

Once the data stream is up, the Akuret AI Engine analyzes the data for all stores and products simultaneously using advanced proprietary algorithms developed by former M.I.T. researchers. The Engine considers not just historical sales patterns of individual products, but also the sales patterns of similar products.  Akuret AI Engine requires no expensive equipment, maintenance or support. 

Alerts are sent to store handhelds. Store associates act on the issues and report their feedback. The feedback is then used by the engine to improve the output.

Root-causes can be analyzed based on all feedback and engine data in the Akuret Dashboard or in your BI-system of choice.

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