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Never miss a sale again because of syncing issues

Akuret Alerts for online retail is an AI-based sales anomaly detection platform that helps you quickly identify products that suddenly stop selling because of data updates, manual settings that are forgotten, or data streams that are interrupted.


How does it work?

Akuret Alerts is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS). Through a simple integration, you supply Akuret with master and transaction data. When products suddenly stop selling or sell less than expected, the online sales team receives alerts through email or from your integrations of choice.

Reports are provided in a convenient dashboard interface to get a holistic overview of possible sources of error and how fast they are resolved.

The Akuret AI Engine

By subscribing to Akuret Alerts, retailers get to take advantage of the Akuret AI Engine, developed by former MIT researchers.  The Akuret AI Engine is a powerful sales anomaly detector that considers not just historical sales patterns of individual products, but also the sales patterns of similar products.  Akuret AI Engine requires no expensive equipment, maintenance or support. 



10x-25x ROI

By using Akuret Alerts, retailers can expect to decrease lost sales, increase online order fill rates, improve customer satisfaction, and save store associate time when performing inventory checks. Using Akuret Alerts consistently delivers an  ROI of between 10 -25x for our customers.

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