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Watch the webinar "The Power of Inventory Accuracy"

Learn how leading retailers work with inventory accuracy in stores to drive sales and outpace competition (and how you can too!)

Below is a video of the online seminar hosted by Akuret's Fredrik Eng Larsson and Daniel Steeneck in spring 2022.

​Focusing on inventory accuracy has large benefits across a retailer's operations and sales channels. Through their research and their work with Akuret, co-founders Fredrik Eng Larsson and Daniel Steeneck have spoken to hundreds of retailers during the last two years. During this time, some retailers have outpaced their competition by working in a structured way to improve inventory accuracy.

In this webinar Fredrik and Daniel will present the state-of-the-art of inventory accuracy, the emerging technologies currently used, and what they refer to as the new paradigm for sales-driving inventory accuracy improvements.


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