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Byggmax selects Akuret to improve in-store product availability

Byggmax selects Akuret to improve in-store product availability Swedish DIY retailer Byggmax, with more than 150 stores in Northern Europe, has selected Akuret to improve its inventory data. The solution, which is powered by Akuret’s state-of-the-art AI engine, will ensure Byggmax has the best possible data for supply chain planning and control, improving product availability and reducing costs. The implementation consists of Akuret Alerts that enables store management to quickly fix availability issues in stores, and Akuret Analytics that provides a complete overview of current and historic product availability for all stores in the network. “We are excited to begin our cooperation with Akuret to improve our in-store product availability”, said Niklas Hamberg, Head of Supply Chain at Byggmax. “In the short term, we see a large potential to save time on fixing inventory problems, as well as to generate higher revenues when more customers find the products they came to purchase. In the long term, we believe that having higher inventory data quality will have positive ripple effects throughout our supply chain.” “We are very excited to start this with Byggmax”, said Akuret CEO Fredrik Eng Larsson. “We really enjoyed working with them to identify how more accurate data would improve the customer’s experience. We are honored that they have now selected us to go through this journey with them. We look forward to keep working with their experienced and innovative supply chain team to take store execution to the next level. We have no doubt we will achieve great results together!” For more information, contact Akuret CMO Jesper Stenmark


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