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Introducing the brand new Akuret Availability Platform

Stop expensive lost sales and inventory write-offs by truly knowing your on-shelf-availability!

Akuret provides cloud-based software services that help retailers and manufacturers achieve and maintain accurate inventory data and high on-shelf availability (OSA).

Due to theft, product damage, and many other unseen reasons, inventory records at retail stores are notoriously inaccurate. As a result, OSA is lower than inventory records indicate. Akuret tackles this problem head-on with our state-of-the-art Akuret Availability Platform. The plaform is powered by our Akuret AI Engine, that can detect hidden inventory and OSA issues with data already available to retailers and manufacturers.

The Akuret Availability Platform provides actionable descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics for retailers and manufacturers. In particular, our analytics enable our customers to (1) identify trends in stores and SKUs with inaccurate inventory records or low OSA, (2) fix problems with product availability in real-time, (3) improve availability data displayed to customers online, (4) optimize audit practices to maximize time spent checking stock levels, and (5) correct errors in data to improve overall operations. Specifically, the Akuret Availability Platform includes:

  • Akuret Analytics – A rich, fast, and easy to navigate dashboard that helps customers to quickly identify both overall and store-SKU level trends in OSA, inventory write-offs, lost-sales, and audit policies,

  • Akuret Alerts – An information delivery service that alerts retailers, on a daily basis, which products are likely unavailable or have severely inaccurate inventory records,

  • Akuret Visibility – An information processing service that serves improved availability data to retailers for use online,

  • Akuret Audits -- A policy planning service that optimally determines which products should be audited based on (1) resources available to perform audits, (2) value of performing an audit and (3) accounting compliance requirements.

Interested?  Reach out to Jesper Stenmark at to set up a meeting.


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